Online Media Planning

You would not forget those exasperating moments when the climax of your favorite movie is almost there and the ad-break ruins the moment for you. These ad-“interruptions” are the reason for surfing those channels on the idiot box endlessly. But lately, there has been a change from interruptions to interactions. It has been quite rapid, but it is here for sure. The online media has thrown the control in the hands of the consumer and her needs and wishes are supreme. The concept of ‘mass-media’ does not hold true in the online world. Welcome to consumer diktats and ‘granular’ marketing.

When print advertisements went online, it took away some of the revenue with it. Today, Google ad revenue is bigger than that of the entire US newspaper industry. And if indicators are anything to go by, Indian advertising will soon be in the same league.

At Magnon our firm belief is to focus on the consumer and her needs, not on the product or the number of clicks. To us, fulfilling consumer needs remains the key to success. The new media consultants (read magicians!) at Magnon\TBWA work with you to carry out extensive media research, chalk out a high-impact media strategy and an online media plan, launch the campaign and closely monitor the numbers and consumer behaviour. Our online media planning/buying team talks to its team of publishers, not just on best deals we can get you, but also about ideas that work! We like them that way…and our clients love them for that.

So the next time you see a super ad placed on a super page and that makes you click...remember there is probably Magnon somewhere behind the curtains. We know you better than you think.