eCommerce Solutions

Did you know that the very first item sold on eBay was a broken laser pointer for $14.83? Well … there is a market for everything online. When Micheal Aldrich invented online shopping in 1979, he probably didn’t even trance that in just three decades, online shopping and eCommerce will be an enviable industry, changing the face of retail forever....all over the world.

India has an internet user base of over 100 million users and the market for eCommerce in India has been growing at rocket speed. And the story has just begun. 

With  enormous investments and celebrity endorsements for eCommerce portals, this space is gearing up for the rising base of online shoppers in India. But not all stories have money bags at the end. Several ventures fail to feel the pulse of the digital consumer. The truth that quite often gets ignored is that the principles of retail still apply on the Web. High-quality retail stores should draw you in, make you wish to return and to make more purchases. So should great eCommerce enabled websites, irrespective of whether the consumer is sitting in Delhi or Dallas. Simple and structured information, intuitive navigation that creates a superior experience right from the catalogue page to the payment page and a whole lot of shopping fun! It ain’t all technology, it ain’t all retail and it ain’t all simple. And this is where an eCommerce expert agency like Magnon comes in.  

With hands-on experience on over 200 eCommerce projects, over 150 digital professionals and delivery centers in Delhi and Mumbai, Magnon\TBWA develops and delivers almost every eCommerce solution your business may need. Online retail consulting, GUI design, shopping cart, custom application development, eCommerce payment gateway integration, interactive marketing, user experience analytics and ePayment services...Magnon provides a single-window eCommerce launch-pad.

Web 2.0 has highlighted the power of communities with the social networks. Web 3.0 will perhaps bring in this power of communities into eCommerce industry...will it? Yeah it probably will. And we’ll help take your business there. Call us now and ride that bullet train called eCommerce!