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Haier, a leading home appliances brand globally, launched its premium Air Conditioner – DAWN, in 2017.

A TVC featuring their mascot ‘Remotu Kaka’, could not do justice to this appliance which is packed with latest features. Haier complemented the TVC Campaign well using social platforms and other relevant Digital spaces, to create buzz around the newly launched DAWN AC.


Launch of DAWN coincided with the IPL season– Unarguably the Mecca of marketing opportunities. Being able to contextually refer DAWN right in the thick of the IPL fever & fervor would meet the marketing objectives for DAWN bang on!

and, Remotu Kaka could bring about a human-touch to the communication.


  • Viewership of our TVC could be maximized during the match hours. To open bridges and make connects with our TG, we planned to tweet live during match hours through the IPL season.
  • The tweets were more of a conversation between Remotu Kaka and the audience, using catchy hashtags that go well with the nuances of the game of cricket such as #BakiACKiTaisi, #ThandaDimaag & #RemotuKaka. Several such cool hashtags were actively used for the live coverage and led to captivating conversations with the audience. Even our audience quickly took up to using these hashtags.
  • Key features of DAWN were smartly embedded into these conversations.


A 100% organic campaign with no Influencer or Media support, and no tagging the official social handles of IPL Players in-line with Haier’s brand ethics, the campaign generated very impressive numbers. Our client (Haier) termed it as among the most successful organic social campaigns for the brand till date!

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