Google Now Considers Page Load Speed as a Ranking Factor

“Is page-speed one of the factors that decided on the ranking of a site by Google?” This is one topic which has been much talked by the webmasters from all over the world however none of them were able to find any concrete answer to it. Now finally there is good news for all such people as Google has finally formally proclaimed that page load speed is one of the factors it takes into consideration before allotting page rank to any website.

  Magnon Team @ 11-08-2010

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Want To Create A Superb Search Engine Optimized Landing Page…Here Are the Tips!

Now-a- days website optimizers & webmaster try numerous ways to get a wonderful search engine optimized landing page for their website and the main reason behind this is frequent & effective indexing of their site by major search engine like Google Yahoo Bing etc. And indeed one of the most popular ways by which they aim to do so is by getting wonderfully designed web page that can convince online clients within minutes. However, while paying much attention on design aspects of a web page most of the web developers forget to give due attention to other necessary aspects.

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Increasing Use of Hashtags ‘#’ in Tweets….Effective or Annoying…!

All of us who are active on Twitter; one of the most happening social networking sites, must be aware of the trend of using Hashtags ‘#’ before every word of a tweet. Though Hashtags help the tweet in reaching to a wider range of audience but excessive use of such tags also make tweets complicated & unfriendly to comfortable use…! Do you agree to this….? Though right now I do not have enough statistics to present which could make clear what percentage of people on twitter use Hashtags and how many of them do not use it!

  Magnon Team @ 29-07-2010

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Tips And Tricks To Use Social Media Optimization…!

For many, it is a perfect platform to disseminate information in a highly effective manner, for others, it’s just another cluttered division of the virtual world fattening with a consistent pouring of new tools and features – Social Media has its share of choosers and chokers. Yes, there are easier ways to make entry into social media world, but it holds promises for all those who use it with a purpose. Every day, millions of people across the world generate consistent leads by using social media as a platform to market their services and products. It does seem relatively easy, but this is where confusion pops-up and without any balanced approach, you might end up tottering on the edge. Here are a few essential tips that can help you a lot:

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