Whose mobile is it anyways?

Mobile is a very personal and intimate device. As the mobile ecosystem grows both in numbers as well as the capabilities, it has become a serious consideration as a reach out channel for brands and advertising agencies alike. Companies spend increasingly more time on researching, studying, analysing and implementing mobile strategies at a global level.

Magnon Team @ 22-07-2015

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What makes Mobile Site and Mobile SEO Important…?

At the Internet Advertising Bureau’s Annual Leadership meet, the CEO of Google: Dr. Eric Schmidt said, “mobile search in the recent times has grown much faster than the desk-top searches …” Going by this, we can come to the conclusion that it’s high-time for businesses to pay crucial attention on mobile as a medium of their marketing campaign, for it can drive consequential traffic to one’s website which leads to increase in business and revenue.

Magnon Team @ 04-05-2012

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