Will Linking to Numerous Websites Diminish your Web Page Rank?

Most of the webmasters and search engine optimizers believe that the more backlinks/in-links/in-coming links you have on important pages of your website, (homepage, product pages, service pages etc) the more are the chances of your site being preferred and valued by the search engines. And this will be followed by increase in the chances of your web pages getting top page ranks.

This is because, Google Page Rank depends heavily upon the number of backlinks your web pages have and also because at many occasions Google has clearly stated that the outgoing links on the web pages does not have any direct influence on the page rank. And so, instead of giving links to many other prominent sites, one must pay more attention in getting links form them. However, when we say ‘getting links’ which means ‘backlinks’, it means getting them from quality sites i.e. sites that have high page rank from Google.

However, many times it becomes difficult for webmasters to get backlinks for their sites when they do not choose to give links to other sites. If this is the situation with you too, then there is a solution…If at all you cannot do without giving link to others then make sure you are linking your site to sites and are genuine, reputed and has high page rank and not to any other site that comes your way. It is very necessary because if a site gets banned due to its unethical practices and has a link of your site on it, then your site will also get in their network and this may increase the possibilities of getting you into a bad reputation.

Thus it is advisable that instead of cutting down on the number of outgoing links, ensure that you link your site with only trustworthy ones. And in case if it becomes necessary for you to link with someone you don’t know much about, then never ever forget to use no-follow tags; which helps in giving the crawlers necessary signal.

And most importantly, remember linking to sites will neither influence not affect your page rank till you are sure about whom you are linking to.

Thus, it is never the numbers but always the quality that works!

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Magnon Team @ 23-11-2010

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