Whose mobile is it anyways?

Mobile is a very personal and intimate device. As the mobile ecosystem grows both in numbers as well as the capabilities, it has become a serious consideration as a reach out channel for brands and advertising agencies alike. Companies spend increasingly more time on researching, studying, analysing and implementing mobile strategies at a global level.

From location based engagement, mobile wallets, mobile sales mechanisms to mobile advertising, the world is becoming mobile centric;  we are just at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to realizing how mobile can be the game changer in the coming days. Customers are using more smart mobile devices than PCs/laptops to explore the digital world; and this shall keep growing as predicted by analysts across the globe.

The cherry on the cake is that the PCs are getting more capabilities like Touch Screens, App Stores, designed to be more portable and use flexible and becoming more mobile-like. There is a lot of innovation of hybrid devices with increasing mobile screen sizes (even Apple followed suit with bigger iPhone) and minimizing laptop screens and comparable processing powers.

This makes us ask the important question – Where are we heading? Where do we focus? The answer is simple but we need to observe a bit more closely than just scratching the surface. Interestingly, if we observe closely enough, it is not just about mobiles but more of technology as depicted in the diagram below:

This is what consumers currently get in a smart mobile device or as we commonly call – Smartphone.

This makes it a medium of choice for us marketers to reach out to the audience in a personal and effective way in the manner they are comfortable interacting with the brands using multiple channels available.

Over the years, the customers have become more receptive to the idea of opt-in to receive relevant information from the brands of their choice. And for brands, it provides an interesting medium to connect and engage with their desired audience due to the following reasons:


Thereby, for a marketer; mobile has become a medium of choice to reach out to the customers for hyper-personalization of communication and services.

Magnon Team @ 22-07-2015

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