What makes Mobile Site and Mobile SEO Important…?

At the Internet Advertising Bureau’s Annual Leadership meet, the CEO of Google: Dr. Eric Schmidt said, “mobile search in the recent times has grown much faster than the desk-top searches …” Going by this, we can come to the conclusion that it’s high-time for businesses to pay crucial attention on mobile as a medium of their marketing campaign, for it can drive consequential traffic to one’s website which leads to increase in business and revenue.

Hence if you are thinking of using the mobile technology as a medium for your business promotion and marketing, then a few strategies which you need to follow to get desired results and maximum visibility are mentioned below, have a look-

- The first thing you need to keep in mind is, no mobile technology will help you in escalating your business for good, until you get your mobile website designed and developed for the purpose. Hence having a mobile website is no more a choice but a mandate. For those who are new to the term- Mobile Site or Mobile Website, let’s first understand what is a mobile website- “The Mobile Web refers to the use of Internet-connected applications, or browser-based access to the Internet from a mobile device, such as a smart-phone or tablet computer, connected to a wireless network (source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mobile_Web)”

Get the best DIS_Device Independent Strategy:-

As we know, now-a-days search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc) determines the PR (page rank) of a web page after considering numerous factors with respect to mobile browsers. Such factors are- websites’ performance on a mobile based browser, usability, downloading speed and screen rendering etc. This makes it perfectly clear that a search optimized website which efficiently encloses functionality and important content from the main sites will rank higher in results than a website that is just reformatted to fit in a mobile screen.

Hence, it is very important for businesses to get a device independent strategy that efficiently supports mobile OS.

Execute SEO Practices (traditional search engine optimization) on Mobile Platform:-

- Use of related Keywords in Title and Body- use of keywords in title and body makes the content more clear and focused which is good because mobile searches are mostly specific, short and crisp.

- Never miss out on Page Titles & Page Descriptions- these are the first elements which help the mobile browsers in understanding the gist of the page and in deciding…whether it should show in the results or not. Adding, make sure your page titles are similar to search terms used by maximum searchers.

- Web Page Coding- as we know, we have a wide variety of Operating Systems which are so-called supported by mobile browsers. Hence it is necessary for you to choose the best suiting coding like HTML Coding. This coding format is recommended because mobile browsers decipher HTML codes easily to arbitrate search relevancy.

Mobile Search… 5 Years – from Now

Actively increasing number of mobile purchase (urban & rural area) coupled with tremendous growth in mobile technologies, indicate that in coming times or say 5 years-from now, mobile/mobile search will be fundamental in driving huge website traffic to businesses (or, it may even overshadow the desktop-traffic). And for this, organizations should assimilate latest coding languages like HTML5 etc in their SEO practices to achieve improved usability and superior performance, leading to increased page ranks.

For more information, please visit: http://www.google.co.in/


Magnon Team @ 04-05-2012

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