Want to Optimize your Facebook Page for SEO…here are the Tips

Do you know… Facebook is currently the most heavily used Social Networking platform in the world, and to add to this is the fact that over 83% of web users from across the globe mention Facebook as their choicest Social Networking Site. Also worth noticing, is the fact that the platform which was created with the intention of allowing people to interact with others and socialize, today has become an important business stream too.

We all know, Facebook Page for an organization or an individual  is probably the best medium for connecting with its existing and prospective customers, past employees and future associates. However, one thing that not many of us are aware of is the fact that Facebook Profile is also capable of ranking (and ranking high) in the Search Engines, next to your website or blog page (thus promoting the brand/products/services/organization etc). Hence if you are looking for business promotion then it is necessary for you to optimize your Facebook Page for Search Engine Optimization.

So today, we will discuss some tips and tricks which will help you in optimizing your Facebook Page to get it right with SEO, have a look below:

a- Make a Custom URL- Facebook now allows us to create a customized Facebook URL and so we must make the best use of it to reap its benefits. Hence make sure to create a customized/custom URL for your brand’s/organizations’/products’/services’ Facebook page. If you had earlier  created an URL which has random words then now you can also customize it to create a more relevant and suitable URL which will help Facebook users in finding your profile easily while conducting searches.

b- Add content snippets with redirect link- Always remember, your Facebook page or account is not just a platform for social interaction, but is also a knowledge repository for many. An information hub which helps people in getting relevant information about you/your organization/brand/services etc. Hence, it is advisable for you to put some information in form of content. This content could be of your blog post, articles, press releases or lines from your web page…etc However, do not put the entire content. The best way is to put one or two lines, some keywords, gist and there you can place a redirect link, which when clicked will take the visitor to that blog, article, press release or web page etc. This will also act as the source of inbound link and additional traffic to your web page.

c- Pay equal respect to every section- When it comes to Facebook; it is not only your wall that matters… besides your wall, you also need to pay attention to other aspects like Info Tab etc. Info Tab is the best place to provide your company description, address and add links. The Description Area on Facebook is also a very important place for Keywords and hence it can be considered as the master area for Meta Tags.

The above mentioned will also help you with your local SEO efforts!

Note: Above mentioned are some of the easiest ways of optimizing a Facebook Page for SEO; however we have a lot more in store to offer you…

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Magnon Team @ 04-05-2012

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