Want To Create A Superb Search Engine Optimized Landing Page…Here Are the Tips!

Now-a- days website optimizers & webmaster try numerous ways to get a wonderful search engine optimized landing page for their website and the main reason behind this is frequent & effective indexing of their site by major search engine like Google Yahoo Bing etc. And indeed one of the most popular ways by which they aim to do so is by getting wonderfully designed web page that can convince online clients within minutes.

However, while paying much attention on design aspects of a web page most of the web developers forget to give due attention to other necessary aspects.

Some of such aspects which you need to take care-of are:

Do not focus only on 1-2 keywords or keyword phrases rather make a wide list of keywords & focus on all of them-there was a time when people would only pay attention on 1 or 2 keywords but now time as well as most of Google’s algorithms have changed and so it is the time when you need to change your techniques too. Thus focus on maximum number of keywords to get more attention from search engines thereby getting wider range of target audience and more of online clients.

Try to increase relevancy of your keywords and not its density- always remember it is not the repetition of keywords that help but it is the relevancy that helps the most.  Now-a-days it is also very necessary to pay proper attention on other factors like relevancy, context, references and traction. Remember search engine robots are intelligent enough to figure out if the copy was written for search engines or otherwise.

Pay double the time on optimizing elements like semantic markup, code optimization, clean code and many more. Ensure that your page titles, H-tags etc are perfectly placed & used.

If you are using Graphics then necessarily ensure that the page load time is not increasing and very importantly- graphic codes are well optimized.


If you are using enough content on your page to pass on the information to your visitors then it is necessary for you to highlight the most important lines/information within the content. Also, never forget to link important content/information with relevant anchor texts on your site  to ensure proper inter-linking of pages for better crawling.

Try the above mentioned and see the results!


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Magnon Team @ 01-08-2010

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