Tips to Block Web Pages from Being Indexed By Google!

It is quite common that due to some major factors many times search engine optimizers wish to prevent some pages of their website from being indexed by search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc. The are many reasons which makes it necessary for the webmasters to stop some particular pages of their site from being crawled by Google. One such reason is: when any particular page of the website is under some revamping work or the ‘then present content’ or the page is not relevant enough to be shown to the search engines.

Though the above mentioned reasons are very common factors which forces the webmasters to prevent pages from being cached however, another important reason which makes it necessary for the optimizers to hide some pages are when the webmasters do not wish to show them to the search engines. These pages could be slightly important pages like security, privacy or log-in pages and the most obvious reason could be that they would want to make those pages visible to the online visitors only when they click on the website. Security & privacy of business/website could be another important reason and it may also happen that the webmasters may feel that crawling of technical pages like external Java script, CSS or admin pages is not of much help and so there is no point in getting them crawled by the search engines.

Now that we have discussed a lot about why webmaster wish to block some pages of their site from being crawled by Google at some point of time, it also needs to be mentioned that though there are many people who think of doing the same, however most of them lack in the knowledge that can enable them to do so. So to help all such people in blocking their web pages from the search engines, we have mentioned some tips. Let’s see:

Use lock & key method- with this method you will be able to lock some pages of your site whenever you want thus hiding them from Google. For this you need to use a username & password login gateway for the pages you don’t want Google to crawl on.

Use No-follow Meta Header tags- for this you need to choose the pages that you do not want to be crawled by the search engines and then add a Meta=no follow tag on their headers. This will help Google in understanding that it does not need to index those pages.

Directly block the links using No-Follow tags- add them to the link of the pages you want to block.

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