Tips and Tricks for Effective Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Today let’s discuss Word-of-Mouth marketing and we shall begin with understanding what exactly it is?

Basically Word-of-Mouth Marketing is a form of marketing/advertising where information is passed on from one person to several others and this chain continues, thus creating awareness and buzz. However, technically there are several ways to define the term. For example, says-“Word of mouth refers to oral communication and passing of information from person to person”. Storytelling is the oldest form of word-of-mouth marketing and this plays a great role in preserving the values of ancient tradition, folklore and mythology.

Hence if you are one of the marketers who have been spending huge sum of money on advertising/marketing/publicity of your organization/product/services then all that can be said is… it’s high-time and you need to think twice before spending any more money on something which is still less effective in Word-of-Mouth marketing. This practice though has been in existence for a very-long long time but the advent of internet technology and its ever-increasing usage has brought several modifications in its existing practices. And never-ever to be missed is the fact that word-of-mouth marketing on the internet domain is also referred as Viral Marketing, Guerrilla Marketing and also Buzz Marketing. The biggest benefits of word-of-mouth advertising are – (1) it helps organizations in better positioning their brands and offerings. (2) It brings peoples’ attention towards the brand rapidly. (3) It greatly influences consumers’ buying decision.

Now let’s discuss the methods for highly effective Word-of-Mouth marketing-

•    Testimonials and Reviews- These are one of the easiest ways of doing Word-of-Mouth Marketing and hence try and get as many positive testimonials and reviews as you can get, from your clients/customers and place them on your website. These are extremely effective in catching web-readers attention and inspiring them for buying it, also because now-a-days most of the people tend to read reviews before purchasing anything or availing services from. So it will help you in boosting your sales and will also create a good-will among readers.

•    Create an extremely attractive and informative Facebook Fan Page- Facebook fan page is indeed one of the best ways to connect with one’s existing customers, prospective customers and business partners. There are a number of ways by which you can participate in extensive word-of-mouth marketing, like- having status updates, adding photos & videos, creating interesting & informative events, inviting fans to attend, games, online contests etc are some of the best ways to do effective Viral Marketing and Buzz Creation on Facebook (fan page).

•    Share with as many friends as you can- make the best use of the unique facility (offered by Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn ) of connecting with your peers, ex-colleagues, family members etc, placed all over the globe. Talk to them, share your experiences, create awareness, be-aware and while doing all of this, participate in Word-of-Mouth marketing.

Above mentioned are some of the easiest ways doing of Word-of-Mouth marketing, but we have a lot more in store to offer you…

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