Social Media Campaign_Tips for Regular Monitoring

Before we go deep into the details of Social Media Campaign, let's first understand what does Social Media essentially mean...Basically Social Media is all about interacting with people online, getting to know them better, sharing views & opinion with them and then it is about networking i.e. social media member's engagement which includes conversations/discussions etc. Some of the major benefits of social media are- it enable companies to get in touch with their past and prospective clients.

Moreover it allows them to keep in touch with other business heads/associates/partners and even relatives and friends, easily via the social networking site. Thus like this, it becomes easier for people to create buzz about their brand/product/service, keep a tab of what their competitors are doing to promote their brand and for their target audience and even keep in touch with their relatives/friends/partners.

Having said all of the above, it cannot be missed that Social Media is never as simple and easy as it may seem to many. It is rather a time-taking activity which includes many long and systematic processes and moreover, it requires continuous effort. And never to forget, Social Media is very expensive! Because of these reasons, it is advised that one should never take their social media campaign for granted. Moreover, one should make it a practice to monitor their Social Media campaign on a regular basis. This not only helps in keeping a check on the running of the campaign, but also helps in improving its over all performance.

So, if you too want to start monitoring your Social Media Campaign but are unaware of the ways of doing it, then here are the tips for you...! however, the first thing you need remember is that 'for  monitoring any type of campaign, it is very necessary for the person conducting the campaign to be clear with the four basic questions'...below mentioned are the same :-

*- What are the products/services being promoted through the campaign
*- What is the main motive of the campaign
*- Who all are the target group of your campaign
*- What is the expected result of the campaign

For example, if you have a website selling ladies footwear and now you want to start a campaign to create more & more awareness about your website so that maximum number of people comes to your site and buys footwear from there, then on the basis of the above mentioned questions here are the points to be taken in consideration before you start planning and organizing the campaign:-

*- Your products are- foot wears
*- Campaign objective is- to create awareness and gain publicity
*- Target Audience is – females of all ages
*- Expected result is – brand promotion and increased sales

So whenever you are thinking of launching a social media campaign make sure to go about it and prepare and monitor it  according to the above  mentioned questions and be sure of getting better results.

Want to strategize an innovative & successful Social Media Campaign for your or your clients' business... Please contact us to allow our consultants to speak to you.

Magnon Team @ 24-04-2011

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