SEO Tips to Keep Your Site in Good Health

Routine SEO check-up of a website; which includes timely scanning, page rank analysis, link monitoring and content updating among others, is one of the most important activities that needs to be undertaken to keep a live site in a good condition. Not only these maintenance activities help in keeping a site in a good condition but also greatly helps in its reputation management (if performed after a detailed study of advantages & disadvantages of any particular activity that is undertaken as a part of routine SEO check).

However there are a few activities, which are of utmost importance and should necessarily be conducted as a part of SEO maintenance.

Some of such activities are mentioned below, let’s see:


Complete site index check-up- In most of the cases it happens that the search engine optimizer tries to get away with his/her responsibility by just monitoring the number of web URLs indexed on Google. However, it is advisable that you should get a thorough check done in terms of repeated Meta tags, number of dynamic URLs, similar header tags etc.

Robots.txt protocol verification- Never let your webmaster ignore the presence of Robots.txt file on the site as it is what you can tweak to control content indexation in case of proper content strategy in mind.

SERPs’ Meta check- “Search Engines Result Pages Meta Check”; this is one of the most important things that needs to be done on a regular basis because as a matter of fact, most of the problems can be figured out by scanning the search index. Moreover, also because Meta tags, page titles, URLs etc greatly signifies the importance of the content present on the website.


Duplicate content check- It is a fact that everyone should be aware of… ‘Duplicate content in most of the cases can prove to be fatal for a website’. Therefore it is very necessary for the webmasters to ensure that not even a single paragraph containing duplicate content should be present on a website.

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