SEO and SMO – though totally different, can work wonders if put together!

SEO and SMO are the two of the many terms that are responsible for your business promotion during this internet age. But as we see that ‘O’ stands for optimization in both the terms, we are yet to discover if both can exist together.

Let us first make a comparison based on various aspects between the two:

On Page Elements:
SEO - The search engine rankings are dependant on title tags, bold texts, headers, image titles and above all, the keywords.
SMO – Striking visual representations can grab the attention of the visitors and that influences the most, even more than coding and tags.

SEO – The title tag carries a lot of weight in the rankings just because it tells the search engine what the page is all about.
SMO – Attractive headlines and titles capture a lot of attention and get the users click through.

SEO – The content needs to be easily readable by the search engines. This means that the quality content should have relevant keywords which are important for the page to rank well.
SMO – The content has to be in easy language for easy insight of the human readers. Moreover, it should also contain attractive statements that can hold the readers’ attention and make them convinced about what you are trying to say.

In addition to the Content:
SEO - Along with the content, the structure of the site also needs to be sound enough.
SMO – Your profile in the social networks need to be more attractive and appealing and this will surely make a big variation in SMO.

Link Building:
SEO – The links that are connected to our website are the inbound links and these links in turn help in increasing the rankings of your site in the search engines.
SMO – If you are successful in your SMO activity, you will definitely benefit with your SEO for your website.

The comparison says that SEO and SMO are built on different platforms but from this comparison we can even come to a conclusion that the two work together rather than separately. One of the best ways to draw visitors to your new website or blogs is through SMO. This activity will definitely have a long-lasting effect on the search engine rankings as well.

It is only a few years that the social networks evolved and Social Media Optimization came into existence. When people became familiar to both the concepts of SEO and SMO, they even came to know the importance of traffic to any website. Thus when compared, we see that the traffic that comes from SEO is more steady than the SMO. But when social networks are used efficiently for business, they are able to draw more traffic to their websites and convert their visitors to potential customers. In other words, the social media sites attract traffic with their brilliant networking profiles and Search Engine Optimization increases visibility on search engines with keyword ranking.

Wanna give your views to it? You are most welcome..

By: Shabana

Magnon Team @ 18-08-2009

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