Optimizing URLs for Google…How Necessary is it…?

Now that we are talking about URLs and optimization of URLs today, let me first ask you all… Do we really need to optimize URLs for better functioning or just leaving them as they are is perfectly fine…?

The above mentioned is one of the most common questions among the webmasters and search engine optimizers these days… and there seems to be some confusion about them. The confusion prevails because once Google had clearly stated that the search engines does not have any difficulty in crawling over long and moderately complicated URLs and if the content present on the webpage is significant and keyword based then the spiders can easily understand their meaning and theme of the web page/website. However, in recent times Google initiated a new parameter for filtering the URLs which in return could help Google bots make logic of the less relevant characters present in the dynamically produced URLs.

So what does it mean, should we use it to filter the URLs for helping Google or simply leave the dynamically created URLs the way they are…? Well considering the repercussions of easy crawling of the search engines, it is advisable that you must always use the parameter and keep the URLs well optimized all the time and this should be done to make the crawling and understanding task easier for the search engine: Google. And in return it will always benefit your site!!!

Thus, it can be said... “Yes it is necessary to Optimize URLs “ for Google and this is necessary only for making them similar to the content and to give clear indication about the content to Google.

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Magnon Team @ 01-12-2010

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