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Pinterest, which was launched in 2010 and profiled by the prestigious Time Magazine in "50 Best Websites of 2011" has swiftly flourished to become one of the top Social Media sites of the present time with over 20 million users. One of the major factors behind its astounding success is its aesthetic appeal.

Pinterest is one of its own type of social media site which allows its member to use multiple images to make their “pin board” beautiful/appealing and as a fact, anyone who manages to make something beautiful tends to feel positive about it and gets attached to it. This is why Pinterest has been successful in winning hearts of vast number of people across the globe and in making them its permanent members.

Going by the current scenario, it can be said that Pinterest is rapidly transforming into a social media site with ample business value and scope for business promotion. And it is for this reason that numerous large to small enterprises have started focusing on Pinterest to gain traffic and increase sales. However, it is important to understand Pinterest, its scope and what it can do for your business. Setting up a profile using your business name, adding links to your website and social media accounts and providing a brief description of who you are and what you do, is extremely simple.

It is important that besides having your business profile (properly configured & branded) you have apt marketing strategies in place to reach maximum number of targeted consumers. Your strategies should be well equipped to drive-in traffic, retain attention of targeted consumers, create buzz and in away boost sales.

Mentioned below are some Tips that will help you in your Business Promotion through Pinterest:

- Pinterest is a great way to connect with your  customers and it is necessary that you create boards that can engage your target customers and can retain their attention. In-short, choose your ‘pin board’ theme, images, descriptions accordingly and share images that your audience would want to re pin

- Choose your Pinterest Image carefully as it conveys ideas, strength and uniqueness of your business through images. Also, make sure that you tag your images with suitable keywords.

- Remember that Pinterest allows two-way conversation and so you must also focus on following others and engaging with their pens. Keep your postings fun and inspirational.

- Last but certainly not the least; stay updated of the impact of your page by using analytics that show referral traffic. Analyze your results to find your most popular pins and decide upon the future course of action accordingly.

Pinterest is not the only winner in Social Media game, but it can certainly give you excellent traffic if used efficiently.

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Magnon Team @ 12-10-2012

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