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It has been observed that now-a-days, like a trend every SEO content, Blog and even Web Pages are flooded with Links also called contextual links from top to bottom. For example there are a number of links in the content section of the blog and web pages, there are links all over the sidebars and not to forget the numerous anchor text links in the header and footer apart from the navigational links. Keeping this widely spreading trend in mind, it would not be wrong to say that it seems webmasters/SEOs are just blindly following the trend and placing as many links as they can on their web pages or SEO contents…just for the sake of getting extra attention from the Search Engines.

And that too without giving a second thought to the result of it. i.e. without thinking, whether placing as many links will really be helpful or not…is it true that Google gives extra weightage to the links or treats them equally etc.

As a matter of fact, most of the webmasters generally place links because they think the more links they will have on their web pages, blog or content, the more importance it will be given by the search engine; Google. And this will consequently also boost the chances of their page getting high Page Rank & showing in SERPs and all this will lead to increased traffic…However, for the correct information of all these people it needs to be told that what they believe in, is only partly correct and is partly wrong. This is because though links play an important role in getting attention from the search engines, however we as well as the Google Bots which are quite intelligent very well understand that links on the sidebar, footer, header etc are navigational and mostly copyright links and thus does not mean much to the  Search Engine. Moreover, links in the content or article which are also referred as in-content link, is what is most important for Google.

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Magnon Team @ 07-11-2010

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