Increasing Use of Hashtags ‘#’ in Tweets….Effective or Annoying…!

All of us who are active on Twitter; one of the most happening social networking sites, must be aware of the trend of using Hashtags ‘#’ before every word of a tweet. Though Hashtags help the tweet in reaching to a wider range of audience but excessive use of such tags also make tweets complicated & unfriendly to comfortable use…!

Do you agree to this….?

Though right now I do not have enough statistics to present which could make clear what percentage of people on twitter use Hashtags and how many of them do not use it!

But most of us would agree that now-a-days people knowingly or unknowingly make deliberate use of Hashtags before each & every word of their tweet just make sure that their tweet reaches every segment of its target audience. And regarding this,  all that can be said is that though this is a good attempt towards having a larger range of reading audience but excessive use of such tags not only makes the tweet complicated but also less relevant as people do not wish to spend extra time in reading & understanding the tweets in detail.

So it is advisable that you should use # tags but only at places where they are necessarily required and not at every other place because excessive use will spoil the over all nature and effect of your tweets.

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Magnon Team @ 29-07-2010

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