Importance of ‘Header Tags’ In The Process of Search Engine Optimization!

Are you aware of the terms H1, H2, H3, H4……H6...?

‘Well,  People who are familiar with the fundamentals of search engine optimization will certainly know about the terminologies but for the one ones who are not aware of the above mentioned terms, I would take this opportunity to clear their concept’

H1, H2, H3….H5, H6; formally known as Header Tags, they are one of the most crucial aspects of SEO services / Search Engine Optimization. Especially, they play an indispensable role in the process of on-page optimization which lays a leading hand in ensuring website’s compatibility to search engine’s friendliness.

There are many people who believe that Header Tags are nothing important but simple content presented on the web pages in a larger font. Regarding this belief it is necessary to say that these Tags are much beyond that. They don’t just represent simple content but serve much important purposes. Practically Header Tags are group of words acting as sentences which gives an in-sight of the content. In simpler words it can be said that these tags give an overview of the entire content in a nut shell. Thus it would not be wrong to say that H Tags are elements that enable search engines to understand the gist of the content and its importance. For this reason Header Tags have become one of the important aspects search engine optimization and so should be used very thoughtfully.

Placement of Header tags:

H 1 Tags should be used in the Title or Header so that readers can get an idea of the information presented in the content, right at the first shot.

H2 & H3 Tags should ideally be used for sub-headings, introductions, bullet points also for highlighting important lines within a paragraph.

H4_H5_H6 Tags should be used for highlighting other important messages within the content however; their usages are largely based on the user’s discretion.

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Magnon Team @ 24-05-2010

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