Google Now Considers Page Load Speed as a Ranking Factor

“Is page-speed one of the factors that decided on the ranking of a site by Google?” This is one topic which has been much talked by the webmasters from all over the world however none of them were able to find any concrete answer to it. Now finally there is good news for all such people as Google has finally formally proclaimed that page load speed is one of the factors it takes into consideration before allotting page rank to any website.

According to Matt Cutt ‘though page-speed is a not one of the strongest factors that helps Google in deciding on the rankings of any website and moreover, increase or decrease in page speed cannot bring drastic changes in websites’ rankings, however it is one of the important factors which plays a leading role in enabling a site to show prominently in SERPs”.

So if you are a website owner or a webmaster and want to see your website attaining high page-rank then it needs to be said that you must make your page-load-speed much faster than what it is at present. This is also necessary because you as a responsible webmaster should try to rule out all the possibilities which could hamper your website’s growth or popularity among the search engines.

So…do not take any chance, do the needful to make your page-load speed faster and ensure that your website gets high search engine rankings.

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Magnon Team @ 11-08-2010

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