Factors That Stop Web Pages from Showing in Search Engine Result Pages!

I often find many webmasters and search engine optimizers complaining that even after extensive online promotion of their site they are unable to get desired results. This simply means that they do every possible thing to make their website more and more popular among its targeted audience but still are unable to see their websites achieving top search engine rankings and moreover, even their important web pages do not show in the SERPs. And factors that hamper website’s growth and popularity are most often not known to most of such people.

So to help those people understand the factors that stop their website from being more and more popular and visible or even factors that stops search engines from crawling over them, I have mentioned some facts. Have a look:

The first and foremost reason that disables the web pages from showing in the SERPs is the inefficiency of the web pages. Inefficiency of the pages means Google might not be considering your page informative and relevant enough to shown in its result pages list or the structure or that page might be going against the search engine’s algorithms. So try to avoid such facts.

Some of the factors that make web pages irrelevant or less important are:

*-Lack of or even no incoming links also known as backlinks on the   relevant web pages like Home page/service page/about us etc makes a page less important.

*-Use of plug-in’ with wrong options also forces the search engines to avoid or neglect those pages of the site.

*-In-deliberate use of the no-follow option also stops search engine from crawling over the website.

*-Meta tag errors also stops pages from being visible in the SERPs.

*-Use of fake or copied content reduces the importance of a page.

*-Broken links also hampers the growth of a web page.

So avoid the above mentioned facts on your website and see the difference in its compatibility towards search engine’s friendliness.

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Magnon Team @ 08-06-2010

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