Corporate Gifts… important elements of Branding and Promotion!

In today's highly competitive market, it is necessary for businesses to leave no-stone-unturned while attracting potential customers and making people familiar with their brand. This has led to the emergence of several unique, creative and innovative promotional methods (like Ads, SMO, Billboards, Banners, Leaflets etc) that organizations use to make their brands/products/services popular among their target audience.

While the above mentioned are some of the finest ways of Business Branding and Promotion, there’s one more worth being added to the list and that is- ‘Corporate Gifts’. Corporate Gifts are not just about supplying people with valuable incentives; they are an impactful way of keeping your Brand’s name alive in the minds of people you have been associated with at any point of time due to your business… hence, an effective way of Business Branding & Promotion! These gifts when given during an occasion or festive season, serve multiple purposes- the most important of which is as a gesture of appreciation. Other benefits include marketing, customer outreach and goodwill.

But as we know that only “appropriate” form marketing is the key to business success; therefore it is necessary that you carefully choose the gift you want to present as a ‘Corporate Gift’ to your employees, present & past clients and future prospects. There are a number of considerations you must make before selecting a product for Corporate Gifting. For example- ensure that the gift is appropriate, inoffensive and has a personal touch to show that there was generous amount of thought applied from your end during its selection process. You should also focus on items that are of immense practical use so that it doesn’t end up biting dust in some lone corner of your clients’ office or employees’ home.

Points to remember here:-

  • Think what the gift stands for and whether it is suitable for your clients/employees/associates.

  • Make sure that the gift has the ‘wow' factor to make your people feel happy and elated.

  • Ensue that the gift has your Company Name & Logo printed on it for long-term branding effect.

And now, if you are a bit skeptical about all this because of the budget then remember- you have the option of low-budget yet sensible items too… because it is the emotions that ultimately lead and not the price tag. So you must go ahead with the idea as ‘Corporate Gift’ is actually one of the best advertising strategies that you can ever implement. Moreover, it will help your associates remember you when sending out bid requests or preparing to hire out for important jobs… And if delivered personally with a special handwritten note, it will also help you open a dialog, create loyalty, strengthen professional relationships and encourage continued business with the recipient for years to come.

Magnon Team @ 10-11-2012

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