‘Facebook Timeline’… a Great Opportunity for Business, but how???

“Timeline Cover” is the first thing visitors will see on your Facebook Page… don’t you agree?

Yes, it is the T-cover on your page that will play the leading role in catching your visitors’ attention on Fb. So it is important that you as a business entity or individual pay heed to Facebook’s face lift (meant to give you more scope for expressing yourself) and get benefitted by it. It is also necessary because Fb visitors mostly form an opinion of the organization after having a glance at its Timeline banner and hence, you must ensure that your FB landing page is not a lackluster emitting dullness, but a vibrant page showing creative brilliance, besides vital information.

So is it all why ‘Facebook Timeline’ is called a Great Opportunity for Business?

No, there is more to it -

a- There would hardly be a SEO expert who would deny the phenomenal marketing value of Facebook (with 1 billion active users), which has led to the development of numerous techniques for attracting visitors. In this case, it would not be easy or even possible for a social media optimizer to get "likes" if your page is not up to the mark with creative and informative elements, especially the element that comes first and on top- the Timeline Cover’.

b- During your first glance at a Timeline Cover, you may find it complicated and un-easy. But that is only because people are skeptical of using new things and resistant to change. But Facebook Timeline is quite a thing and enables you to do some of the best works like- highlighting most important elements of your business by placing them at the top of your page, highlighting highly impactful photos, your likes and your apps. It also allows you to create a long lasting effect with your chosen images with captions in a cinematic style… and all of these will help you give information to your visitors in way which is more like story-building, hence interesting and captivating.

c- As a fact, Facebook has immense gravitational pull and so it is time for businesses to reap its benefits. For this you must welcome your business page's timeline open-heartedly and adjust its design accordingly to make your story (on wall) wider by clicking on star or on the pencil and zoom it to the top of your page. And if you are not happy with it then you can say it good-bye by clicking on the delete button.

d- Remember, ‘an apt Timeline cover can attract attention of millions Facebook users.
One billion people now 'actively use Facebook’~ Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO

Points to remember while getting your Timeline Cover done-

a- Choose photos which speak of your business.

b- Choose photos that evoke thoughts and creates an image of your business in visitor’s mind.

c- Images without text become less relevant. So add a catchy punch-line to your image.

d- Do not forget to have a call-to-action

e- Follow Facebook Timeline Cover guidelines.


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Magnon Team @ 30-10-2012

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